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January 16, 2013


Common references can also be found in digital experiences - from the typeface, the style of background, the information architecture, etc. I often catch myself judging websites based on how it's been laid out, whether they use Vimeo to host their videos (preferred) or YouTube (lame) or some unshareable built-in player (irrelevant). One of the first things I always check is whether an experience is Flash or HTML5.

Not everyone cares about these things, obviously, but I do. A brand who wants to resonate with my demographic should also care because it determines whether we're going to bother spending time with them.

Totally! I do the same thing! You can tell so much just from those details that usually don't get more than 5 minutes of conversation. If that.

Goes to show how much of the strategy exists in the details of the execution rather than the plans that came before it.

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