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February 27, 2012


Thanks for this post! I think this is probably the most challenging part of being a strategist for me. The part where I'm diving into research, working with other strategists and playing with different models and thinking things through on my own is the "easy" party (easy compared to what comes next). Where it gets more challenging is figuring out how to communicate the thinking in a way that other people from the client to the creative team to the tech team can understand and get behind.

And the ultimate challenge is coming up with a plan together as a team. It's about giving up control of the thinking and being reflexive in the way we look at the challenge at hand and taking the time to understand the other person's perspective.

Too often, we waste time arguing over the different words we choose to call the same thing all the while we were agreeing on the bigger picture. The more practice we have with tackling challenges big and small together, learning to speak the same language, the better work we will do as a team.

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