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August 24, 2009


Very well said. Amen.

nice post

I did a post on how I think the web and a few examples of web campaigns in the UK are starting to address that more human side... but we need to change our measurement


"There isn't any such thing as a digital life." This will be an increasingly blurred dimension, but I'm not sure the lack of separation is as you are perceiving it. People may dissociated with their digital persona and treat a digital life as a fetish. It's a behavior that has not yet been bridged. 1 in 8 couples are formed via dating sites, yet very few will openly admit to using them.


I agree that those lines haven't entirely blurred just yet, but for marketing purposes, I'm not sure it's that useful to think of it separately. Obviously, there is a big underbelly of the web we don't talk about all that often, but it takes a certain type of brand to have a place there.

Either way, still probably a bit overstated, but I doubt for long.

Bud & Mike, thanks for the comments! (and Mike, checking out the post now)

Hi Daniel, I love the clarity of this post, and am kind of drawn to thinking like "This means both acting more like a venture capitalist and becoming more comfortable with new product development." Not quite sure how to attain all of it right now, but it's where we should aim.

great thought. share all of this - especially the fact that agencies need to think beyond ads and create value otherwise. And that digital life does not exist - but just life itself. seems to be a topic a lot of ad people and esp planners are thinking on. did so myself with a post just this month - too bad it is in german...

Hey Paul. Great post. Just wanted to let you know that it’s in the running for the Post Of The Month thing I run over on Dead Fish:



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