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June 19, 2007


Paul -- I still love this post. I think you and I really met and had our first email exchanges around the original post. Keep doing what you do and bringing these evildoers to justice HeeHaw style!

My oh my. Yeah, I think I knew of your blog during the "Hurricane Kohl's" episodic ;-). I really hope someone from Kohl's weighs in and weighs-in fast. Did you send this to that contact over there...better yet, have you been forwarding each and every email to him/her? If they understand--really understand--then they'll see you're doing them a BIG favor.

This really is the post that keeps on giving….
My opinion is that people really are not that different. Store to store, company to company, people are not significantly different.
So do these associates really hate their customers any more than at any other company. Are these customers really any worse at Kokls than they are at any other store?
I think most of us agree it is a case where the associates do not have the power to manage the situation and the customers are not presented with a store environment to enable them to shop more pleasantly.

The negative associate feedback you received shows just how easy it is to accidentally turn your most powerful marketing assets (your staff) - into marketing liabilities. Without the right support, they become close-minded, petty, territorial, unhelpful and at time mean.
Great Post

Owned. Keep on givin' that gift my man, sooner or later someone that matters at Kohl's will have to accept delivery.

Oh man, Paul. This post is so disorienting. I love my hometown Kohl's (Miller Road in Flint, Michigan) and am shocked to see the place treated so indifferently. I don't think it's a reflection on the chain as a whole, but rather a grim reminder that people, by and large, are incompetent slobs. By the way, I love some of these comments.

"OK SERIOUSLY, how freaking bored are you??
i work at a kohls store and yeah it sucks but seriously, why don't you try to run a damn retail store"


Matt- I think you're right, man. Crazy it's been so long!

Ck- Yeah, didn't send to anyone over there. I get the feeling they don't have too much interest in hearing from me. Maybe I should, though. You may have been right before. :)

Nat- Thank you! And I really don't care about their sales numbers right now. I sort of consider it a fleeting metric when it has to be supported with that level of advertising. If their employees aren't behind the company, they're probably due for a downward trajectory.

Mack- Owned, for sure! :)

Rob- I love some of those, too. There were a few that came after me directly, like I have the time to have some serious vendetta against friggin' kohl's...

And maybe it doesn't represent the company as a whole, but there were pretty universal comments about pay and staffing levels that would indicate a company with their priorities out of whack. I'm sure they have their good stores and bad, either way.

One word comes to mind after reading all these (amazing) comments:


(Is that supposed to be 2 words?)

But maybe, just maybe, Kohl's has discovered a very niche market: people who like to shop in filth.

We're all hellbent on cleanliness and great customer experiences, but Kohl's has totally turned the tables! Bravo, Kohl's. Bravo.

Mind boggling. The basic psychology in what I read is to point fingers at someone else. Well, that is not very productive. Someone at Kohl's is not setting the tone at owning their brand. And it's showing here and there.

Why is it that it has to first become a much bigger problem before something is done about it?

From many of the voices in the comments I detect pride. How can that pride be valued to enroll people and be transformed into self respect? People take cues from other people and environments. How can the concept of care be brought back to bear all around?


You lazy bum, you! Get in there and clean that damn store up. Surely you don't expect those who get paid to do such a nasty job. Man, you suck!

Great post and very entertaining (sadly so).

Paulie: Nice follow-up man.

ConnieF is a symbol of the problem in retail. Ouch.

Can't wait to see the Wang. That didn't come out right...

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