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June 29, 2007


Not the first time I've been linked to the word "ass"

Ever think of making a Netvibes page?

Loads of credit and solid link ups.


I've got the word say, wow. I'm glad you did not just point out your blogroll, as I'm not there, yet ;-) And I am thrilled to be here.

You said something up there that I loved: "Act as a living lab..." The action and the lab are two of my dearest images and motivators.

Kevin Dugan: Deal. Of course, then you'll be sandwiched between "get off" and "lazy."

Ann, what are you complaining about? I'm a preposition. Great recommendations, Paul.

Ha! Great! I won the lotto!

WTF? I get to be "lazy"? What that hell did I do to you? Oh.. yeah... never mind.

Paulie - sending love via the iPhone and many other ways. I "get" it. You are the best. xoxoxo

I'll take "have" any day. Roger threw me "destiny". So far, I've got "have destiny." Looking for two more links that say "will travel" or maybe "on Ebay" or possibly "Right Here" with a Jersey-esque hand gesture.

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the bloglove (and, yes, that is my favourite hat!)


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