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June 29, 2007


Now that’s lotsa links.

How come I didn't get a link on one of the swear words...? That would have been truly precious to me!

So wait, I'm a tool? Or the but next to shit? Maybe Ann will trade with me?

There's The MineThatData Blog, cleverly disguised as the word "so"!


You are the only blogger I know of to link words in a funny manner.

I have linked periods and other punctuation marks, letters within words, numbers, and so on, to the blogs of friends. Imagine how shocked a blogger is to find the letter "a" in "radio", for example, is a link to their blog.

Creative hyperlinking is fun for the whole family.

BTW, don't believe the iPhone hysteria hype. iPhone sucks.

How tremendously creative! What a nifty link-love technique!


The "OUT" between "run" and "things."

Surely I haven't earned "great" - but I'll take it. Danka.

Hey Paul - Thanks for including me and for caling me smart (?!?!?!?!?!) but I've gotta admit - bald is just bald. :-)

Thanks Paul, really appreciate it. :)

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