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February 06, 2007


Nice find, Paul. Way to go for it, too. I'm impressed. :)

Wait a second; I called that number and got some nudie bar in Houston! What gives?


Forget the quality of the ad -- I agree, it sucked.

But keep looking at your Internet Explorer and Firefox examples, and they look the same to me.

What am I missing?

Got it.

It's not just the little guys that are ignoring Firefox users. WalMart's new movie download service is completely f'd up. The site is located here http://mediadownloads.walmart.com and as of right now it's still looking bad. TechCrunch picked this up as well http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/02/06/nice-one-walmart.

So, my question is: Did they call, and how can I help? Call 860.673.7543.

Excellent. Did you drop them a line to make sure they've seen this? I think it's worth it.

Cam-That would be awesome if they'd actually come calling! I've seen them snooping around on here, so I know they're reading it!

Tim- That IS my number. My secondary job is spinning old AC/DC songs at seedy "night spots." :)

Phil- Glad you go it! Thanks!

Matt- That is AWESOME! How the hell could Walmart screw up that bad? Just incredible...

Lewis- Hopefully they'll call us both. They need some help, bad!

Ck- You're always my conscience. I will do so, for sure. :)

There you go Paul! Hopefully they call you. If I can help, hit me up.


I agreed with you when I saw the ad -- thought it was horrible. Now I've gotta tip my hat to SalesGenie.

We fell into the trap of judging an ad as a piece of art. Meanwhile, the folks at SalesGenie didn't care if they made anybody's Top 10 list: they just wanted to sell subscriptions. And they sold 10,000 of them.

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