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December 11, 2006


thanks sexy. here are mine

1- i do 100 pushups a night. started 4 years ago
2- i collect shot glasses everywhere i travel to and where my friends go. have 100+
3- i have a brother who is doctor that loves to bodybuild
4- i hate writing
5- i just learned about the difference of than vs. then. yea i know i missed out=)

Ha! I got you so good and so sly... I rock!

Bass player? That explains a lot... no really. Though I can totally see you in court, I have a hard time seeing you in a frat'.

Soccer? I thought you said you were a boxer?

Ha! I don't think getting my ass kicked constitutes boxing.

And frat, yet, but a little untraditional. It was independent and we were all poor so...

And, Noah, 100 pushups? Not bad, my friend, not bad.

"I decided to rebel against everything, except of course, rebellion."

Paul, I think this pretty much says it all. :)

Hey, I can't believe you kept it clean. Not one Friggn' F-Bomb. Are you sure you wrote this?

I'm with you Darmano! We were talking about getting custom t-shirts made for Paul (thanks to your t-shirt design post); my recommendation was "Hee-Haw" on the front and then the words "Fu@# that sh&%!" on the back.

(He's kinda got a potty mouth.)

Now that's what I call a T-Shirt!

I will buy one of those as long as it has Paul's face on the front!

Paul- Are you listening to your readers?

Get cracking young man!

DA- I think there was some questionable language in there! I'll try to increase my use of the word fuck, just for you. :)

And, T-Shirts coming. With me, giving the thumbs up, and "Fuck that Shit" tattoo'ed across my forehead. It's gonna be awesome.

LOL. Okay. The comments on this "5 things" meme have totally taken the fucking cake. Bar none.

I will not only purchase said shirt, Paul. I'll change all my profiles everywhere to it for a yet to determined period.


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