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December 02, 2006


Great job, yo. Am very proud of you and Jaffee. You have a good, accessible voice for broadcasting...and I dug the music, too.

You have a face for radio my friend, keep it up... (I know, I'm an asshole.)

You did do great though. You had good questions and understood the answers and were able to extend the conversation. Good job.

Nice job, Paul. It's not half as bad as you let on. I think you have a real knack for it... I wouldn't give up on it so soon.

Nice job Paul.

Thanks, guys! Maybe I'll just have to keep it going. Who do you guys want to hear in the next interview?

Podcasts from you and Jayne in the same day...talk about hitting the jackpot. Paul: what I loved most was that you Just Did It. Nice!

I know! It's a big day for the BMA bloggers. :)Thanks for listening!

Hopefully there will be more to come...

Dallas...is that you? I was looking for a certain Viking. He's tall, rather broad and, well, sorta feminine in a macho way.

You seen him?

Jackson Jacks here. Sailing the seas of cheese from Viking land.

Why isn't there a podcast series on this site yet? Some people were wondering. In lots of places they were wondering...

I thought Tuesday was SL day. Yes, tuesday was: SL day for Paul, Sock day for Tim and Book Launch for CK.

I got my book and my socks...but I didn't get my SL fix. What gives at this blog?

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