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December 05, 2006


"CK Emoto" here: This post was definitely worth the wait. Between blogging, book clubs and now my newfound fascination with all things Second Life, I'm just one big geek. And proud of it.

I am looking forward to exploring SL and the "metaverse" over the coming months. I'm really quite taken with it. But it is tough to orientate oneself at first...the reason I'm wearing a midriff is because I still can't figure out how to get my clothes set. Heck, it took me 2 hours until I saw my avatar's face as I couldn't turn around. I only saw the back of me for most of my time in SL so far.

But I can say this, everyone I met was really nervous at first but they quickly come to be relaxed becuz everyone is so nice about "newbies". And I'm not sure what all marketing opps exist on this new frontier, but I'm open to finding out. And if I remain open I've wasted no time in my 2nd (or 1st) life.

And folks: it's A LOT of fun. At least when you have "Dallas" (he's a hipster punk) and "Jackson" (he's a buff Viking) to hang with.

Dallas Dibou, you're right I guess; you are a dork. But that means that I and Jackson Jacks are too. (Does this mean I have split personality disorder now- I mean officially?)

As Marketers, we have to always keep an open mind for potential. I mean, Jaffee can't be stupid enough to have launched a company based on a cool gimmick alone- he has to believe in this stuff. As a brand guy, maybe I need to become the first road bicycle in SL... or maybe not... I dunno yet.

Needless to say, there are still lots of thing to learn and to see. Right now I just look and feel like a dork in SL. I walked around for an hour the other night just bouncing off of things. I felt like a dipshit, but that a lot like First Life.

We'll keep learning and trying.

Just left Crayonville in SL. The more I move around, the more I feel less like a total idiot. I'm still at least a partial idiot, but I'm improving. Figuring out how to move around and function. Sooner or later, I might actually look like I know what I'm doing.

The potential is there. Potential for what? I'm still not sure. Skeptical? Yes, but not to the point where I'm ready to be dismissive. It very much merits more time investigating it all.

Too bad Dallas Dibou is such a dork.

Paul (Dallas) - you work out the dork bugs and maybe I'll join in the fun soon. I have to extract myself from Omerta first. It's Dorktacular Wednesday!

Man, I am jealous. Who wouldn't be having missed an opportunity to hang with Jackson Jacks, CK Emoto and Dallas Dibou. Hee Haw! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Dorktacular Wednesday... I love that! Thanks Lori.

Lewis, I wouldn't exactly say you "missed" it. It was pretty funny sitting around in a virtual world "playing air piano" with Dallas and Emoto.

"Pretty fun", Tim? Er, uh, Viking Boy! I would say that's the best time to be had in Second Life.

I know you go there like, all the time now but I contend it was a rockin' good time...even tho' I could only see the back of myself for 2 hours and then when I could see my front, you could no longer see my avatar and, through your "I'm a hee man" flex-fest, you hit me upside the jaw. Twice.

Paul, er uh, Hee-Haw, er, Dallas was a great tour guide. Still late in getting this post up but he reports "technical difficulties" across the grid.

I'm checking sources now.

Now I have to suck up to Emoto; yes, I had a thunderously good time (that's what we Vikings do) hanging out with Emoto and Dallas. The whole experience was much, much better with them than it has been fumbling around all by myself. Nobody appreciates my air piano quite like CK and Paul. They "get" me...

As for CK and her front or back... she's the cutest little thing in all of SL. Paul onthe other hand... not as cute. BUT... he's pretty good at walking on furniture.

Dude, Why you gotta talk shit, Tim? I thought I was totally hot. Are we really having this conversation?

Lori-Get your ass in! And do it quick!

Lewis- Don't be jealous, you just have to join up. :)

So, What do ya think Jacks and Emoto? Should we do a coffee morning meetup in Second Life? Are we that dorky?

Tim: Paul's a hipster cutie in SL...he has flip flops that look great on him. He just looks like a little guy because you're so damn BIG in SL.

Truth be told, I can't wait to go back in...but am overloaded with books and biz stuff. But I'm all over it and I'm thankful for the experience of being a SL newbie with my old friends.

Paul (Dallas): thanks for calling me "bookstress"...I quite fancy that and shall use it more :-).

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