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December 31, 2006


That's all true. Last year for Christmas I was given a Kohl's gift card. I'd never been to one before, but I went and checked it out. It was like a bomb went off in the store- crap was everywhere. I couldn't find anything I wanted/ needed, so I gave my wife the card because I didn't plan to ever go back... and haven't yet.

Clearly there are staffing issues; too little or too little motivated. It's a shame because they are going to the cellar this way.



but great pictures. It's a fricking mockery of itself.

Nice investigative work! The Kohl's security creeps will be paying you a visit soon...

Does everyone understand why you WASH everything you buy BEFORE you wear it? Thank you Paul for that helpful reminder!

Ah, the age of show don't tell. Excellent coverage. Do hope Kohl's weighs-in and uses this as an opportunity...being they have front-page coverage here and in Mack's corner (great post that spun-off this one).

Somehow, I'm doubting we'll be hearing much from Kohl's. Any company that lets their stores get that bad (and with Tim, that's three stores in three different states now), probably won't waste their time caring what their customers think about them. They're probably already too busy with their Presidents' Day sale or whatever.

But, thanks to CK, I am now armed with a phone number. We'll bring it to them and see what they say!


Damn, I worked retail for four years and there is no excuse for anything less than an immaculate store appearance. To me this looks like several things working against Kohl's:

1. No store manager responsibility or accountability. If this store's manager hasn't yet been fired, there's no hope of correcting this.
2. Poor or no employee responsibility or accountability.
3. A lack of training.
4. A lack of communications.
5. Careless brand and marketing strategic planning, execution and oversight.

I was just reading about how McDonald's franchises, in the heyday of the company, were subject to random visits by the head honchos (can't remember if it was Kroc or his business partner) to make sure they cared enough about their appearance to clean up their parking lot. Sounds like Kohl's could use a good dose of that.

Lewis- I'm sure the manager there is terrible, but the problem is bigger than him or her. Chris Brown over at Branding and Marketing, and Tim have both experienced the same problem, in two other states. Which means the employees are probably underpaid, and like you said, under trained, and even more, they probably just isn't enough of them.

But, all your points are correct. It's just sad to see companies like this try to take the easy way out, and expect it to be some sort of long term strategy.

Cam, I get the feel that Kroc really loved his job and his customers, and maybe even more, he probably believed in the ideal of Mickey D's, something bigger than just one restuarant. When someone cares so much, it's easy to see that shine through each store. It's a shame there aren't more like that...

So true. I went along with my girlfriend on a recent christmas shopping spree and noticed the same thing. Especially after going to a few other stores first....walking into the Kohl's seemed like a joke. Clothes were a mess, poor signage, zero organization. Finding something there was more a less a practice of accidental discovery. Overall a very poor customer experience.

Eric- Well, that's four accounts so far. It's official, Kohl's doesn't care about customer experience. I put in a call to Kohl's, we'll see when or if they respond...

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