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November 01, 2006


Right on Brother Paul. I'm really much more of a dork than a geek. Geeks tend to know what they are doing and have some technical savvy, whereas I fumble along relying on dumb luck and personality. Hey- it got me into the Times...

Yes, we are the cool kids- nobody knows it yet, but we are. Just think of the things we are pushing hard for- better social justice, transparency in marketing and government, open and free dialog, growth of global communities. Yes, it's very altruistic and really appeals to my Piscean nature, but it is still something I believe in and apparently a few other smarter-than-me people do too.

"...the clients we represent"

By that statement, do you mean the blogs you set up for your company's clients? Or do you mean talking about your clients in your personal blog?

We don't get members jackets!? Now how will I coordinate with my thick-rimmed glasses!?

I'm kidding of course. My wife dresses me, so I don't have to worry about all of that.

Nice post, Paul. :)

Second "dork" reference I've found in three days.

Do you know Noah from okdork.com ?

I talked with him yesterday; interesting guy doing some interesting things.

David- By that, I mean the clients we represent in our professional lives. As in, our blogs feed our careers. Thanks for coming by, though. I'll be down at chaos in a couple weeks, see you there!

Cam- If you really want to wear members-only jackets, that's fair enough. Actually, I do have this ridiculously ugly white MO jacket. I guess I could rock that one, too. :)

Roger- Of course I know Noah! Great blog. And, you're right, he's doing a bunch of interesting stuff.

Hear Hear Paul!

I have a well-honed dork quotient and a developing geek thing, but it is my desire to blather that fuels the blog life. Now that the fine folks who fund my lifestyle have embraced the company blog thing, it feels better and better to blather.

Best from Boston - you rock.

cool is just soooooo over rated. cool doesn't raise it's voice. cool doesn't really care. cool is never brave enough to be foolish or silly or magnificently wrong.
I say take a position. Storm the barricades. Get shouted down by the masses and subvert the paradigm.
Hoo-ray for passion!

No, no, no, Lori, you rock.

And, Hell Yeah! for passion. I'm on your team, for sure, Katie.

Geek is the new cool, or cool is the new geek, one or the other.

And yet you turn your back and acid tongue on D&D. For shame. For shame.

Dude, you called me out and, of course, win. But, I still think D&D dorkdom is on an entirely differently level than blogger dorkdom. But, you know, I could be wrong...

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