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October 14, 2006


Dude, you are getting dangerously close to requiring low light and incense. Why so contemplative? I rolled out of the hay bitter and ready to fight and you present reasonable and thoughtful stuff (with a nice Banksy touch!) You doing yoga in the morning?

LOL. I may have had a few drinks in me before that one. Don't worry, I'll reel it back in. :)

Paul ... I am loving the storytelling aspect to the entries you do in this format. The way you break up the text with images is like pausing for breath while reading.

You should collect them all under a single category so that we can get to them easily.

And, hey, if it takes a couple of drinks for a few more entries like this, I will send you a bottle of wine ;)

Nice, I will be waiting for it, then. I love me some Australian wines.

I think I can take care of that. Expect some categories this weekend!

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