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October 05, 2006


Glad you liked the post and appreciate you adding the bit that I don't completely agree either.

Are you the "cod piece" in those briefs? Curious minds wanna know. Just don't get excited!

Thanks for link love, Paul! Not that I mind really, since my whole life has been this way, but the last name is Lack, not Flack. haha. I know, I know, easily confused ... or maybe you were just going with the blog name.

Easy way to remember that my dad uses all the time: Lack, like lack of money. :)

Btw - Congrats on BMA! That's awesome.

Noah- It's a good conversation to have either way. We should be working towards aligning our goals with those in charge of the companies we represent. Good stuff.

Roger- LOL! I'll try not to!

Ryan- Apparently, I'm an idiot. The whole flacker thing seeped into my brain. Thanks for the congrats!

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