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August 10, 2006


Amen my good man. We are all better for it.

It's wierd, but the whole subway this is justing hitting Europe. As you guys put the thing to bed, we're just waking up to it. I think everthing has been said.

Agency dot com is full of liars and deceptive practices.

They are misusing CK's post, and they are posting Marcus Brown Pd's video that is mocking them, trying to make it look like he is on their side.

Such grinding mediocrity is a disgrace to the young Vlogosphere. Like a shitty episode of the Apprentice.

Marcus - great video!

Steven - They just teetered out, I guess. They were obviously listening to the blogosphere, but didn't do anything productive with it. what a waste.

I hate to be harsh (heh) but the reason why I attack such things is because I don't want my current or future clients to say, "Give us some of that".

I mean, spontaneous mediocrity is one thing, but enforced or delegated schmutzoli is an entirely diffident matter, no matter how you slice your lamb fruit.

Thanks for dropping a comment into my precarious, always poised to explode into infinitum blog.

no matter how you slice your lamb fruit?

I like it. I'm using it! :)

"I hate to be harsh (heh) but the reason why I attack such things is because I don't want my current or future clients to say, "Give us some of that"."

I think that cat is already out of the bag. When CBS Nightly News is running a feature on the 'phenomenon of the viral video', then it is only a matter of seconds before companies are going to start adding 'oh yeah, and make it go viral!' to the list of objectives.

Mack: you have deftly (is that still a word?) summed up the whole potato.

Very good remark, my friend.

I am still formulating my pathetic little treatise on Why We Fight Online, why blogocombat and web debate are so vital, there are many good reasons to engage in critique.

Also: I love flamers, the intelligent hard to answer kind especially.

The fastest way to get smart and dedicated is to be attacked as harshly as possible. It's how we grow and gain confidence and insight.

So, I figure that when I harsh some idea, I'm doing it a favor. At least, that's how I am able to sleep at night, being my grouchy self.


Lamb Fruit? I got that from one the all time funniest podcasts in the cosmos:

"Speakers 3: Space" by Kevin Eldon over at Resonance FM Comedy, the Feedburner feed page, all the way at the bottom of the list.

It's about a "spaceman" who crashes on a mysterious planet, by a tree with fruit that tastes a bit like, nay, a lot like: lamb.

I won't spoil it for you, but it is way too funny, too much. Very weird and 50s-ish British humor, like Monty Python, only better.

I'm on it. I'll give her a spin!

And, you guys are right. The "gimme some of that" or just as well known as, "let's throw money at the problem" type attitudes have to change.

Agencies need to learn to say no and control expectations, as well as stand up for what is right for the client, no matter the consequence. If these companies can't handle reality, we're fighting a losing battle anyway.

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